Business in the Streets

Print layout

project overview

Business in the streets (BITS) is a youth-driven organization helping low-resource emerging entrepreneurs. BITS focuses on youth and under-served populations by providing business training, micro-financing, and ongoing business supports. For this project, they wanted a colourful and vibrant rebranding to help them define the next phase of their business. They are known to be a pre-incubator space for young entrepreneurs in the city. Their annual report is meant to reflect their cause to current and future investors of their company . I was tasked with creating a fun and interactive template, mini illustration and graphics, and a infographic.

aaBaseone Bold


aaRaleway light

body text


I collaborated with Kyle Monczak and Paris.. To choose typography that was clean, simple and bold. As part of their rebranding, they chose Raleway for their body text and BaseOne as their header and type text.


color scheme

The colour scheme was a mixture of complementary and polychromatic colour schemes to bring the sort of dimension and image variety to their concept.

Flat design

Icon creation is one of my specialities as I am known for flat vector illustrations that make corporate decks pop.