Brand Identity and Design System

Ameline Ava Brand Development

Ameline Ava is a luxury online store that provides fine quality products that nurture self-care and wellness.

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The owner of Ameline Ava reached out to me to design an online clothing line that provides luxury loungewear that caters to self-care and wellness. I started by conducting several workshops that helped narrow down their message, intentions and also the approach to their branding.

research & planning

When conducting my research, I discovered that there was a peak interest in the market for wellness brands, being one of the fastest-growing industries on the market. My job was to help my client stand out in this market, focusing on a more conscious effect their clothing will have on their customers. In my research, I looked at wellness brands like Saje and Vitruvi. I noticed that language was focusing on the user and the luxury of their experience. My client also wanted her clients to feel that this was a luxurious brand when they first enter the site, but unlike most luxury brands, still be relatable. It was important to the client to keep the merchandise photography minimalistic, focusing on the brand colours in contrast with the all white products. The reason for this was because for the first launch, the products will only have one colour to choose from.


I was hired to consult and design a whole product from it’s inception to launch. I had a lot of creative freedom and a say in how this client should execute their e-commerce business. To see the full process, please read the casestudy.