Ganjika House

UI/Ux Design

project overview

Ganjika House is one of Canada’s largest marijuana dispensaries that offer a variety of different products. They requested my services to produce a custom user interface and user experience that would showcase their brand and streamline their customers' experience to find their desired products more efficiently. While working with Ganjika House, I was able to design a user flow for their thousands of customers and created all of the custom graphics, icons, and illustrations for their Point of Sale (PoS) system that was aligned with their branding.



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Design intention

To maintain their brand integrity, I wanted the user interface to have an organic and calm approach to the user. I wanted to make sure that both the graphics and buttons stayed away from harsh geometric lines, and when prompted that the buttons had a soft transition, so it would not appear too alarming to the eyes. The end goal was to strike a balance between economical products and the desired user experience of the product chosen. Overall, the goal was to create the most calming and least complicated process for the user to select the product that best suits their needs.


Graphics and illustration

The Ganjika House storefront and interior design was the inspiration for the graphics and illustrations. The client wanted to maintain a tropical and earthy appearance that was influenced by their Caribbean heritage. The goal was to make sure that the folliage drawn were native to the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Also, the swatches chosen needed to be consistent with the brand elements that already exist.

Flat design

Icon creation is one of my specialities as I am known for flat vector illustrations that make corporate decks pop.