art direction, print layout, illustration

If You Met a Yeti... Book

project overview

What if you were out doing what you do every day, and you happened to run into, oh, let’s say… a Yeti. And what if you found that, as curious as you were about this Yeti, they were even more curious about you? This Yeti might wonder about how people look, live, talk, think, and work. Maybe they would want to know about who and what we are. You can’t blame a Yeti for asking, right? This colorful and whimsical book poses the question “What makes a human being?” It explores humanity through the eyes of an inquisitive (not to mention cute and furry) onlooker. With the help of a young thinker, our Yeti discovers some of our most interesting and endearing human traits, while also leaving room for readers to ponder on their own.

project idea

If You Met A Yeti... is a fun and thoughtful award-winning children's book that asks the question of our humanity through the eyes of an inquisitive Yeti and his human companion. This book has received the 2019 Nautilus Award (Silver Medal), and the 2019 Independent Publisher’s Award (Bronze). This is a fun read for children ages 6-9.

vibrant colors and text

In terms of type and overall graphic treatment, I wanted to keep it clean, modern, and readable. The goal is to make the flow of the text easy on the eyes and let the images tell the story.


I was inspired by old puppetry plays and marionette dolls in terms of the characters' look and feel. I wanted to ensure that there was great textural quality to the characters themselves. On the app, which is interactive, this is evident as children can move the characters from page to page.